Placid Refining LLC views our vendors as partners who play a role in helping us produce the highest quality product and provide the best possible service to our customers. Therefore, we hold our vendors to same high standards we set for ourselves. Below is a list of imperatives required to operate as a Placid vendor. If you have any questions, please contact our Purchasing Department.

  • Each vendor must complete a PQF (Contractor Pre-Qualification Form), to be approved by our safety department before any employees of that company are allowed to work on Placid property.
  • Each vendor must sign a Placid Master Service Agreement before being allowed to work at Placid.
  • Vendors must have a drug screening policy in place and have their employees tested within 90 days of starting work onsite.
  • Vendors must have a background check performed for employees that will be working onsite.
  • Each vendor must obtain TWIC cards for each employee planning to work on Placid property.
  • All vendor employees must participate in Placid’s orientation before beginning work onsite.
  • Beards are not allowed for any worker including delivery drivers.
  • Placid requires that every employee entering the facility wear FR (Fire Resistant/Flame Retardant) or NOMEX-type clothing. No tennis shoes are allowed to be worn onsite. Both of these requirements include delivery drivers.
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