Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support - Accounting

Driver/Loading - Driver Loaded on Wrong Customer Account

Verification from the Carrier or from the Correct Customer needs to be sent to Truck Rack Sales Invoicing for correction / credit / rebill. Email truck rack invoices or fax at 866-419-5166.

In order to reverse it off the Incorrect Customer, the Correct Customer needs to be a Valid Customer in Good Credit Standing with Placid.

Driver/Loading - Driver Loaded on the Wrong State Destination

A Diversion Notice needs to be provided to Truck Rack Sales Invoicing for correction / credit / rebill. Contact truck rack invoices or fax at 866-419-5166.

Note: Loads pulled in Louisiana and Loads Originating or Delivered to Tennessee or South Carolina can only be issued changes to State Destinations based on BOLs / Reprinted BOLs. The Customer will have to contact the States involved to correct their taxes.

(States subject to change or be added due to current tax laws)

Driver/Loading - Driver Loaded On BOL for Two Different Customers

This will have to be handled among the customers involved. Only one customer will be invoiced for a single BOL.

Driver/Loading - Driver Loaded One BOL for Two Different State Destinations

The customer will have to handle this directly for the states involved. Only one destination will be invoiced for a single BOL.

Invoice/BOL - Who should a Customer Call with Questions involving their Truck Rack Sales Invoice / BOLs?

For questions & inquiries contact truck rack invoices or fax at 866-419-5166.

Invoice/BOL - How do I get a copy of an Invoice or EFT Summary?

Password Protected Access to Placid’s Customer Portal is available on this website. If you aren’t yet signed up to access the Portal please contact the marketing department for set up and other Portal Information.

Otherwise, contact the credit department for your EFT Summary or email truck rack invoices for your invoice.

Invoice/BOL - How do I get a copy of a BOL?

For Copies Placid Port Allen BOLs email truck rack invoices.

To Dispute Gallons or other information on a Placid Port Allen BOL email truck rack invoices.

For all other Terminals, you can contact the terminal directly or email truck rack invoices and we will submit the request for you.

Invoice/BOL - What if my Placid Port Allen lists BOL Component Product or ETHANOL for BLENDING?

A broken blend occurred at the time of the load. The customer will be invoiced per a corrected BOL for the finished product instead of the Broken Blend.

A Corrected BOL will be available for the driver that pulled the load on the next Business Day when that driver comes to the refinery for his next haul.

If the driver did not provide you with the Corrected / Reprinted BOL email truck rack invoices.

Customer Support - Marketing & Distribution

Who is my sales rep?

Where does Placid have product available and what are the products?

Who should I contact to get set up as a Placid customer?

Contact the Placid Sales Representatives responsible for the terminal(s) of interest.

Who should I contact if denied loading and I get a "Product Allocation Exhausted" message?

If you have your own product allocation at a terminal, you will see a “Request GPO” button next to your allocation on Placid’s “customer portal”. You may use this to request additional gasoline and or diesel loads during Placid’s normal office hours. If that “Request GPO” ability does not exist, please contact your designated sales representative.

Who do I contact if denied loading and I get a "Setup Deny" message?

If your driver has already spoken with the local terminal personnel, and you are still unable to load, please contact your designated sales representative.

Who should I contact if I cannot load gasoline or diesel after-hours and weekends?

Contact your sales representative.

Placid’s Port Allen truck rack: 225-377-2531
Shell-Motiva terminals: 800-345-6666 or
ExxonMobil supplied terminals: 855-LOAD-GAS (855-562-3427)
Chevron supplied terminals:
Lake Charles/Westlake, LA, Phillips 66 terminal: 877-457-5623
Sunoco terminals: (non-supply related)
Call or email the terminal directly: click on “Marketing & Distribution” “Distribution Locations”” for contact information.

Why can't I see my product allocation at all my terminals?

Why are allocations not available for all terminals through the Placid Portal?

Allocations are only available for the terminals where Placid allocates product through DTN Tabs. Placid sends “Notifications” to alert customers of supply issues. You may also contact your sales representative for supply concerns. 

Can I prepay to load gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel?

No. Please contact one of Placid’s sales representatives to start your company’s credit approval and terminal authorization process.

Where can I get SDS Sheets?

You can access all the SDS sheets here.

Where should I send a Certificate of Insurance for loading at the Port Allen, Alexandria and Monroe terminals?
Fax to 225-346-7403.

Please direct questions, concerns, or inquiries on all other terminals to the marketing department.

Customer Support - Credit

Where do I send a request for credit/trade reference?

Email credit/trade reference requests to the credit department.

Who do I contact for the status of my application to purchase product from Placid?

For a status update of your credit application, please email the credit department or contact the Credit Secretary.

Why was my customer application rejected?

Applications are rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • You are not a licensed distributor of gasoline/diesel in the state where the product is being delivered.
  • Prior bankruptcy filing.
  • You Failed to complete and return requested paperwork.

What is my credit allocation/limit?

For established customers, refer to the customer portal or call the Credit Secretary.

For new customers, you will receive a letter notifying you of your credit limit.

How do I get access to the customer portal and when will I know if I have access?

Email the marketing customer representative if you have any questions concerning your portal setup or if you need to make changes.  You will be notified via email at the email address you provided once the setup is complete.

What do I do if denied loading and receive a ‘Credit Limit Exceeded’ message?

Contact the Credit Department for a review of your current credit limit to determine if an adjustment is possible.

All product allocation messages should be directed to Placid Marketing.

What determines the type of final credit package I will receive?

The financial strength of the company named on the application determines the type of final credit package sent to a potential customer, i.e. Open Credit, Letter of Credit, Personal Guaranty, Corporate Guaranty & Certified Resolution.

Who do I contact if I need to change my EFT banking information?

Contact the Credit Department for proper forms and return when completed

Where do I send a copy of my annual company financial statements for a review of my credit limit, what is required, and when is it required?

Email the credit department

Required: Accountant’s Audit Report attached or Financials must be signed by an Officer of the Company.

Financial Statements are required on an annual basis per the credit agreement.

Where do I send a copy of my personal financial statement and how often is it required?

Email the credit department.

Financial Statements are required on an annual basis.