Environmental Stewardship

Placid Refining Company LLC Port Allen
An ongoing effort to operate at

The Highest Level of Environmental Stewardship

Placid Refining Company’s commitment to environmental stewardship is equaled only by our commitment to workplace safety.

Since acquiring the Port Allen Refinery in 1975, Placid has maintained a continuing effort to evaluate and improve operations to ensure the highest level of environmental protection.  Over the years, this continued improvement has resulted in millions of dollars in capital and operating expenditures including the installation and operation of the highest quality, state-of-the-art emissions control equipment currently available to our industry.  In addition, Placid continues to evaluate by-products and residual materials to identify secondary markets, thereby fostering recycling and reuse while maximizing resource utilization.  By identifying secondary markets Placid has been able to greatly reduce waste generation from the Port Allen refinery.

Always striving to improve, Placid has integrated environmental impact considerations into all levels of operational, maintenance and project planning activities to ensure environmental stewardship is at the forefront of all decision making. 

By industry standards Placid may be a small refinery.  However, our commitment to our employees and the environment in which they live and raise their families is second to none.  With continuing support from management and participation from all employees, Placid will continue the ongoing effort to operate at the highest level of environmental stewardship and with sustainability for the future as our goal.