Credit Department

Placid Refining Company LLC offers all customers access to our Customer Service Portal hosted by DTN. Access to the portal provides the convenience of viewing and printing invoices, EFT summaries, prices, and messaging for the previous 90-day period from point of portal access setup.  The portal also has an Allocation Viewer (AV) module allowing customers the ability to view credit limits, load amounts not yet invoiced, and credit limits remaining.  Additionally, the AV provides a view into product allocations at terminals where possible restrictions on loading product have been placed on customers’ accounts.   The portal is an excellent tool to use in your business strategy minimizing the risk of dispatching carriers unnecessarily.

Contact the marketing representative in our Marketing Department for portal access.

If you are not yet a customer and you are interested in Placid as a gasoline or diesel supplier, please refer to the Become A Customer section of the web site for more information.

Product allocation outages should be referred to marketing.

Inquiries such as these below should be referred to Credit Department.

  • Responses to financial statement requests
  • Credit Limit Exceeded message received resulting in loading problems
  • Consignee numbers not functioning properly, resulting in loading problems
  • Questions regarding EFT notices