New Customers

If you would like to become a Placid Refining Company LLC gasoline, diesel or jet fuel customer:

1. Review the list of locations where Placid currently has product available for truck rack sales

2. Contact the Placid sales representative for the location(s) that you've selected

3. Complete the online application for truck rack or bulk product purchases.

To apply for credit with Placid Refining Company LLC, please sign up for an account after clicking the button below. Once your account is setup, you can log in and start your application. You will also need to fill out the "Bank Information Release Authorization" form located here and email it to

4. Provide copies of your motor fuel license(s) and license number(s) for the origin state of each Placid terminal you request to be set up in as well as for each state destination where you will be distributing/selling product

Email this to the motor fuel tax accountant Amie Holloway at Once the application is submitted on-line, Placid Credit Department will begin the credit process and will contact you for additional information.

All customers must go through the credit approval process. The credit approval process can take from 2 to 4 weeks or longer, depending on how quickly all information is received by our Credit Department from you and your references, as well as approval of tax documents from Placid Accounting.  Once your company is approved with a line of credit and set up at the terminal(s) you have requested, a Placid Marketing representative will contact you to let you know that your carriers may start loading, and to provide you with any required terminal “loading numbers”.  You will also begin to receive Placid daily price change notifications at the terminals where your company has been set up.

We look forward to having you as a Placid Refining Company LLC customer!