Safety Data Sheets

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Also covers: LPG, n-butane, C4, liquefied petroleum gas, refinery grade butane, mixed butanes, RGB

Diesel Fuel

Also covers: Petroleum distillate, fuel oil, gas oil, ultralow sulfur diesel, B5, B10, B20, low sulfur diesel, No. 2 fuel. Any of these may be dyed or undyed.

Diesel Fuel Untreated

Also covers: Petroleum distillate, fuel oil, gas oil, high sulfur diesel, untreated diesel, light cycle oil, LCO, light cat cracked distillate

Flex Fuel

Also covers: Ethanol and gasoline mixtures (E51 – E85)

Fuel Ethanol


Also covers: All grades of gasoline (87, mid-grade, premium) with and without ethanol up to E10 blends

Heartcut Reformate

Also covers: MSAT stream, benzene concentrate

Kerosene Based Jet Fuel

Also covers: Jet fuel, kerosene, Jet-A, JP4, JP5, JP8, commercial jet fuel, military jet fuel, aviation fuel, turbine fuel

Process LPG

Also covers: Liquefied petroleum gas, mixed olefins, stabilizer receiver liquid, stripper receiver liquid, debutanizer overhead liquid, isobutane, isorecycle


Also covers: LPG, dimethylmethane, n-propane, C3, liquefied petroleum gas

Propane Propylene Mix

Also covers: LPG, propylene, propene, C3, liquefied petroleum gas